Agile Management
Otimization Program

Bringing your company's management to the next level

The Program

With well detailed and adaptable activities, our professionals will smoothly guide the organization in the necessary steps to obtain the sistemic vision of the portfolio and walk towards an incredible project management, and more:

Our consultants team

Why take the program to your company

With years of experience applying agility and continuous improvement in the main areas of software development, Taller has brought together the experience of soft and hard skills and prepared the program to optimize the following matters:

  1. Previsibility and visibility of the organization's projects.
  2. Decrease of the economical impacts of this variability
  3. Priorization of projects and tasks.
  4. When to hire.
  5. How to manage the knowledge of multiple teams so the information will not get lost in the organization.

The program has it's bases in the Kanban method, and in the most modern concepts developed within it, like the concept of fitness for purpose and some elements from STATIK.

How does the program work

The Agile Management Otimization Program was conceived to be applied in a 100% remote way, easying the workflow.

Special guests

Beyond all the activities developed along the Program, we count on the Lean Management Mentoring Plan with Alisson Vale, Rodrigo Yoshima and Luiz Parzianello developed exclusively to this program.

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